Meet Jayme

Hi. You probably just read Katie's 'about me' page. You're also probably in love with her now. It's ok! It happens to the best of us! That is exactly how Katie and I connected. I, too, was on the critically important task for finding the perfect person to capture our wedding day and was lucky enough to book our girl Katie. After knocking our wedding photos out of the park, we kept in touch....and a few months later I became her little right-hand woman (aka- I did the stuff she always procrastinated submissions and album design)! Now, I head up publications (any submission stuff will go through me!), I also design all of your awesome wedding albums and have started second-shooting on a few weddings a year! (Woo-hoo!)

So anyway, here are some fun little facts about yours truly:

* My dog, Sadie, is the cutest Australian Shepherd that's ever graced this planet. I'm a little overly attached to her. We play fetch at least an hour a day and have some serious snuggle seshs. She's my not-legally-official emotional support dog.

* I grew up in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania and can do a mean PA Dutch accent.

* I love Elf (the movie). Elf is my favorite.

* I also work for a cool startup jewelry company based in NYC.

* I get bored easily and love to be juggling a few things at once.

* I despise roller coasters. Don't ask me. I won't go.

* I have an excellent sense of direction (genetic courtesy of my father).

* Creme brulee and chocolate lava cake are my favorite desserts. I've mastered making creme brulee, but haven't ventured into trying the other yet.

* I married my high school sweet heart. We also both happen to be redheads.

* I firmly believe chicken and waffles should always be served with gravy. never. ever. syrup.

* I have a BS degree in Interior Design and also own a small design business that I work part time with a background in high end kitchen & bath design

* I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. (Can you tell?) But there's something that feels really right with all three of my 'jobs'.

* Totally not a morning person. all. Morning = anything before 10am.

* I abuse parentheses and run-on sentences (despite my mother being an English teacher).

* I have a passion for wine....mostly drinking it.

* Buck-a-shuck oysters are my jam. I'm a total foodie....but love Happy Hour prices.

I love being a little mouse second-shooter and catching all the different angles and tiny moments that rockstar Katie can't get while focusing on the big, important moments!