Abby + Jesse | Beach Engagement Session | Meg for KSP

I really hate the term engagement session. It sounds stuffy, forced, and posed. All things very far from the KSP way. But for lack of a better term, I sure do love them (doesn’t hurt you can pick the prettiest light and weather)!

I fell in love with these two as soon as I met them, it was definitely one of my favorite shoots of the summer. Despite being in the throes of wedding planning, being engaged is a really happy, magical time and I love documenting it.

When I showed up to Abby’s family beach cottage, I found Abby + Jesse cleaning off three bikes. THREE. I had a small freak out in the car because I hadn’t been on a bike in maybe 15 years (not to mention I had my camera bag) and I found that kind of embarrassing. We rode our bikes to the beach Abby used to hunt treasure in when she was little. It was an absolute blast. Oh, and the whole saying about riding a bike is true. It really is just like riding a bike!