Meet Mike

•  I am a married father of 2 boys who constantly keep me on my toes. Because of them, I have taken out a second mortgage to pay for my Starbucks addiction.

•  Yes, I’m a Starbucks snob.. and by snob means, I know the difference between a great cup of coffee and Dunkin Donuts.

•  Shows like the Voice and America’s Got Talent are amongst my favorites. Something about watching passionate, humble people do what they love gets me every time. Every time I watch these shows a dumb bug flies into my eye, so annoying!

•  I have a newfound addiction to the DVR. Commercials are the enemy.

•  I’m currently raising about 30 thousand bees in my backyard, which in turn, makes my neighbors really love me. Honeybees are awesome, if it wasn’t for the honeybee there would be no Honey Nut Cheerios. Well, that's what I tell my kids anyway. 

•  I’m a naturally quiet person with an easy-going personality. You might call me “a man a few words.” I am way better at telling stories through pictures. Hence, my photography passion?  

•  Even though I'm quiet, once you get to know me you'll realize I’m really just a sarcastic jokester who loves a good prank. Laughing is my favorite.

•  Speaking of laughing, I love watching videos of people falling off treadmills. Not the getting hurt part, just the process of the fall. It's the funniest, I hope it never happens to me. But I do Crossfit, so it won’t.

•  I’m pretty much the most loyal and observant person you’ll ever meet. This works great for photography. And friends. And my wife.

•  I can whistle the entire Imperial March song from Star Wars. And ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen. Kids, man.

•  It’s easier to talk about what foods I don’t like. Anchovies. That’s it. I’ll eat pretty much anything else you throw at me.  

•  The natural moment's people or couples have with each other are the best. I feel like the best photos happen when people don’t expect a camera to be pointed at them. 

•  When I photograph you, I encourage you to be natural, organic and to have fun. I definitely don’t want you to feel weird. You can BE weird, but just don’t feel weird. Okay? 

•  I also despise writing “about me” pages.

Cant wait to meet YOU!