Frequently Asked Questions

We are pretty nervous to make this investment, how do we know you are the right photographer for us?

Well, I guess I don’t really know! But I do know this, go with your gut! When you chat with ANY potential vendor, you will have a gut feeling about them (I speak from experience!) If you feel they are right for you, book them. If you have reservations or are looking for something a bit different - don’t do it! Here’s the thing - I passionately love what I do, work my butt off for my clients, and I promise to make you feel happy that I’m with you. :) I adore photographing, happy people who are madly in love. If that’s you - I may be the photographer for you!

What is your most popular package?

The Perfect Day package is the most popular! People really want that engagement shoot and complimentary family or anniversary shoot!!

What happens if we need you for more than eight hours?

You can book extra hours at any time - but before you do, chat with me because usually we can make eight hours work like a charm!! Extra hours are $500.

Do you offer Albums?

We sure do! In this day and age of not-printing - I highly suggest making a book with us! A book is a part of your love legacy,  far easier to hand to your grandkids than it will be to hand them a thumbdrive.  Album information pricing and info delivered upon request!

Will you bring your own lighting to my wedding?

I absolutely will! And I have backups of everything should I need it!

We are having a destination wedding, do you travel?

YES! I’d love to travel the world with you! Modest travel fees apply but only to cover our travel expenses!

What clothing should we wear for our engagement session?

Wear neutrals with a pop of color! Feel free to bring mutiple outfits! Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous and beautiful! (And handsome!) Psst: Booking your hair and makeup trials on the day of your engagement shoot is an awesome idea!

Do you shoot film or digital? Nikon or Canon?

I am a Nikon girl, through and through! I will shoot all digital during your wedding!

Are you able to provide proof of insurance to my venue?

Yessiree! Just give me the info and I’ll have my insurance company send the proof over asap!

What happens if you die before my wedding?

Great question! If I die before your wedding - I will not be at your wedding. :( But!! I do have a solid backup plan just in case! My two associates, and my husband have all of the info for every wedding, and they will reach out to my network of peers all througout New England to find a suitable replacement for me.  Same goes if I get very sick. That being said, I take your wedding day very seriously! I have photographed weddings on the day my grandmother died, and the day my grandfather died, I have also shot a wedding while passing a kidney stone and my clients never had a clue!

You mean the world to us, we will do whatever we can to be there for you!