Julie + Craig | Newport, RI Wedding

Julie and Craig’s big day in Newport, RI was nothing short of a fairy tale.  It was a photographer’s dream.  The two started their magical day with their first look on the gorgeous grounds of The Elms, one of the famous Newport Mansions.  They exchanged vows at the historical Touro Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in America which first opened its doors in 1763.  It has a rich history for their family, too.  It’s where Craig had his Bar Mitzvah, his dad had his Bar Mitzvah, and where his grandparents got married.  It was beautiful and moving.  I could have packed up my camera and headed home because the ceremony was just so ridiculously perfect… but, it got better.  Julie and Craig held their reception at the Marble House, another famous Newport Mansion originally built by the Vanderbilts.  Julie’s details, the mansion grounds, the flash mob after dinner, the Hora and dancing in the Gold Room, Julie and Craig’s excitement to get married to each other-all of it-straight out of a storybook.

Julie and Craig’s wedding was also featured on Town & Country!!!

A special thanks to my second shooter Renee Descoutures and to my third shooter, my sister, Meg!!

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Catering: Russell Morin Fine Catering | Floral & Even Design: Stoneblossom | Bridal Gown: Birnbaum & Bullock | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Makeup: Allison Barbera | Hair: Tom Lee | Band: The Flipside | Ceremony: Touro Synagogue | First Look: The Elms | Reception: The Marble House