Kaitlin + Michael | Waveny House Wedding

We loved Kaitlin + Michael and their big day so much, the only way we can describe it is through a list of everything we loved about it: all the belly laughter, a million hugs, Kaitlin + Michael’s sweet gifts for each other, an unexpected rainbow, Michael’s dad was the Rabbi (who officiated the most hilarious, emotional, and lovely ceremony we’ve ever seen), all of their friends reading I Like You during the ceremony, Kaitlin’s grandmother, the emotional father-of-the-bride toast, William Parkinson Events (we really, really love Bill + his team), all of their guests got transported to another Kaitlin + Michael’s wedding in CT (what are the odds??) and they didn’t even get mad or upset about it-they laughed , their cake, their food, the two first looks with Michael and with Kaitlin’s dad, and real, real love. And that Meg + I were there together. Aaand that we both kind of want to be a part of their families now. Is that weird?
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Venue: The Waveny House | Wedding Planner: William Parkinson Events | Cake: Lovely Cakes (Renata Papadopoulos) | Flowers: Eileen Exclusive Florals | Dress: Sareh Nouri at A Little Something White | Bridesmaids (most):Adrianna Papell | Videographer: NST Pictures NY | DJ: Aaron Topfer