To Love and Be Loved | Connecticut Family Portrait Photographer

A couple weeks ago I was blessed with the honor of shooting a very special family. I am not going to spell out the entire story because there are freshly wounded, very sore hearts and sorrowful endings involved. But what I do want to share is something that touched my heart and soul deeply. It was the love between two people who had been together for a good length of time, whose love had weathered, and grown, and evolved into something real, potent and extraordinarily beautiful. One can only hope to endure the challenges, embrace the storms, and persevere through the reality that love and relationships bring forth the way these two beautiful people did.

After the short time I was with them, I drove home thinking I had become a little wiser on the meaning of life. (The meaning of life is something I ponder upon quite often actually!) These two exposed to me something valuable, something I have probably known all along, and something I hope we can all say we have done when our time to move on comes along.

To love and be loved.

That’s it. We are here simply to love others, and be loved back. It’s pretty elementary, right? The more I think about it, the more real and true it becomes in my heart. There is no other reason why we are here but to love and be loved.

With sadness in my heart, I will tell you that the gentle soul in these photos, Chuck, passed away this week. He will be forever missed by his lovely family and brave, beautiful wife. My heart goes out to them that they may find comfort and peace in their hearts soon. I will be praying for them.

And I’d like to end this post on a happy note if possible! On this day of thanksgiving I am announcing the winning families of the Thankful Family Contest that I held this year! I am so happy to announce the two families but first I’d like to share that anyone who entered the contest in the correct timeframe will receive a gift certificate for themselves and the family they entered for $150 to be used towards a portrait session! Every. Single. Entry. was beautiful and touching and heartbreaking. Everyone had so much love to share about the families that they submitted!! I was beyond humbled by kindness and grace. Reading through the nominations brought tears to my eyes constantly. So, a huge thank you to all the people who submitted entries!

The winning families are the Wilson family and the Neumuth family! Both families are from Marlborough, CT! You will both receive a comlimentary family portrait session and a 16×24 canvas of any print you’d like!

If you are a winning family or if you’d like to claim your $150 gift certificate towards a family portrait session, please email me at katie(at) with your address so I can mail you your certificate!

Thank you all so much for participating!!

From the bottom of my heart, Happy Thanksgiving!